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Sunday, 11 March 2012

MONOPOLY Electronic Banking Review And Giveaway


Natural Mama
Life is just like a game board, you never know when you will win or lose, because everything depends on the roll of the dice. And a game board is likewise related to life, just like the Monopoly.
One of naturalbabygoods.com readers is going to receive the same game MONOPOLY Electronic Banking as they reviewed!
Monopoly has been the family game for so many years already. Traditionally, there is the board where you get to have your properties, the dice to rule your game, and the money to make it all worth playing at. But now, the Monopoly is just as advanced as the world we are living in. Thanks to Hasbro, we now have a tech-y game board though all the same gives the same objective of earning the most over the other 2-6 players. You get to buy properties, travel around, be the businessman/woman you have always dreamt to be. Today, it’s not just ordinary Monopoly anymore but an Electronic Monopoly where you can now make use of a card where you can swipe and see how much you are earning. Fun, fast earning and paying with your next-to-real-life cards.
Contest ends Mar 16, 2012. OPEN to Canada only!

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