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Saturday, 28 April 2012

What's blooming at Hallmark for Mother's Day? #HallmarkPressPause ( +Giveaway , Open to Canada) 5/6

Toddler Tales By Mommy

A meaningful word, rich and crisp in content and when spoken at the right time, can melt someone's heart. Here's more that can happen with an expression :
Win someone's heart. Make someone's day. Add some flavor to a relationship and make it even more special. 
No matter what you want  to express, Hallmark has got you covered.
Hallmark is all about "expressing" your heart. Instead of giving  just some flowers, with Hallmark you can "delight" that someone with a flower that will keep reminding them everyday of how much you value them. This flower will always stay fresh and not wither. At the touch of a button, the bud blooms into a beautiful flower that reveals the message inside.
This new product line from Hallmark is the "Blooming Expressions" .
This giveaway is open to residents of Canada and US, until May 6, 2012. Wining entries will be verified. Winner will be chosen randomly and announced.

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